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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What's in my makeup baggy (fave products) + introduction to blog!

Welcome to my blog everyone, I thought I would make my first post something that was pretty universal and typical in the makeup/fashion blogging world, which is a What's in my makeup bag type post! Before I get into it, I just thought I'd mention a little disclaimer that I really don't carry all this makeup around, I barely even touch up my makeup throughout the day; so I guess you could call these my essential makeup products, but this makeup bag I got from a friend is just SO cute and I had to include it! Okay, enough rambling, onto the products...

#1 Covergirl Natureluxe Liquid Silk Foundation  (18.95 AUD) 
My number one would have to be this Covergirl foundation that has been pretty overexposed in 2011, but I really do love it! It doesn't have the fullest coverage I desire most of the time but a little bit extra of it can go a long way. It goes on SOO smoothly and its SOO lightweight you really can not help but to love it, esspecially in this hot Australian summer we are experiencing at the moment, it reached 43 degrees yesterday! (107 F)

#2 MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden (39 AUD)
This would have to be one of the better quality bronzers I've tried out, and I really do love it. It gives my face a natural glowing complexion (not too orange) that throws off all the other cheap drugstore brands I have so far tried. One pet peeve of mine about it though is the pigmentation, not very impressive at first swipe, but if you give it another swirl its just perfect. I would say this because I was matched to the lightest shade as I am pretty pale. The major downside is the price though, I am really not a MAC person, I'd like to be, but too expensive for my budget. I would love to give a go some new drugstore bronzers and give them a chance before I rush out and repurchase this bronzer next time. 

#3 Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express in Black Drama (i got mine on sale at Priceline for 10 AUD)
Not much to say about this mascara other than it works really great and can hold a decent curl for the price (only after using an eyelash curler though). The Falsies really thicken my lashes and give them the blackest black pigment I have ever seen, I have always gotten complements when wearing this mascara, and soon I will do a blog post on how I get my lashes LONG, THICK AND CURLED, off course it's only to what potential my natural lashes can hold but its how you can make the best out of your own eyelashes without wearing annoying false eyelashes! And you can actually say to people, yes, they are my eyelashes!

#4 Physicians Formula Shimmer strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner for Brown eyes (i got mine on sale priceline 'buy one get one free', about 20 AUD rrp)
The trio of these gel liners make them useable for every occasion you may have. Also they are all very versatile on EVERY eye colour no matter what the jars say :D
This trio are the only gel eyeliners I have ever used but by far the best product I have found for applying liner to my upper lash line. I use a sigma E65 angled eyeliner brush to apply and vuola, perfect eyeliner everytime (..well..almost everytime). After all, practice makes perfect!

#5 OPI Dynamic Duo lipgloss (was a gift, probably 25 AUD or so with the nailpolish)
One of the recent additions to my makeup collection has been this heavenly sent lipgloss I got for Christmas from my sister. The gloss came with an OPI polish as a duo and its gorgeous. Not very sticky, (although sticky enough for it to actually stay put on your lips!) gorgeous brown colour  and also very snazzy with 2 different applicators, one a brush, and the other a soft spongy tip! What is not to love?!

#6 MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Fuchsia Fix (33 AUD)
Another one of my favourite lip products. The perfect colour, smell and texture that just glides onto your lips so effortlessly. One pet peeve of it although is the application method, I am not so fond of applying it with my fingers time after time, but I always make sure I have clean hands, which can be a hassle sometimes when I'm in a rush!

#7 BYS Glitter Eye Creme in Silver Spectrum 06 (few dollars from Gloss)
For such a cheap brand that is too cheap to even be found in Australian drugstores, BYS has some decent products! This eye glitter reached far above any expectations I had of it, no need for glitter glue or anything of the sort, I just apply with a sigma F70 synthetic (i think) concealer brush onto my lid, or just in my inner corners everyday for a pretty look! Stays on allllll day, literally!

Thanks for reading lovelies! 

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  1. You have the most gorgeous makeup bag - and it has a lovely content too!

    Great post xxx